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Welcome to Vashon Llamas

We have had the pleasure of living with llamas since 2004.


Get to Know Us

When we bought our first five llamas, we had no idea how truly amazing llamas are, or how caring for them would change our lives. Since I had always wanted to spin and weave, we bought “fiber llamas.” And that one decision
led to owning spinning wheels and a living room full of looms.

Meet Our Llamas

Visit Us

Since so many kids and adults are interested in taking care of llamas, we are offering a 2-hour
activity we call So You Want to be a Llama Farmer.


Weaving with Friends is a fun way to spend 3 hours learning to weave AND getting to interact
with the llamas.

And finally, Llama Happy Hour (available as of June 22, 2024) is an adult activity because it’s
not just kids who love llamas.

Vashon Llamas operates under a Washington State business license and is owned by Kelly Hubbell

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