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Llama Beans

Llama Poop.jpg

Llama manure, referred to as llama beans, is an exceptionally plant friendly fertilizer.  The nitrogen is naturally slow-release so this fertilizer will not burn out your plant roots.  Furthermore, the beans hold an exceptional amount of water, making this fertilizer ideal during dry periods in the summer.

How to use llama beans:

– Sprinkle beans straight on house plants or around well-established garden plants.

– Mix beans with soil before planting or transplanting (4 parts soil to 1 part beans)

– Soak beans in watering can for 30 minutes before watering plants.  This is commonly referred to as “bean tea.”

Call (206-794-1252) to arrange a time to come and pick up as much llama beans as your vehicle will carry.  We have a constant, always renewing supply.  We are happy to share this wonderful resource with our neighbors.

Email if you have questions!

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